Banat Om Soud - "Aisha"
Banat Om Soud

Banat Om Soud - "Aisha"

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Soft doll with box and brochure

‎اسمي عايشه .. وينادوني عيوش أو عواشه 

‎صديقاتي يقولون عني خفيفة دم .

‎لاني احب اتقشمر معاهم وايد .. وماحب النكد 

‎وشعري طويل مثل شعر الحصان

My name is Aisha and they call me Ayoush or Awasha. My girlfriends say i have a sense of humor because i love to joke around with them a lot and I hate being negative. I have long hair as thick as a pony's tail.